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Carlos Fuentes (11 November 1928 - )

Fuentes is a novelist, diplomat, and Roman Catholic. When Deborah Solomon asked about his belief in an afterlife, he responded he is an atheist, that

  • My wife has that belief, but I don't. In Latin America, even atheists are Catholics.

The son of a Mexican diplomat (Rafael Fuentes Boettiger) and Berta Macías Rivas, Fuentes married actress Rita Macedo (divorced in 1966; their daughter Natasha died 22 August 2005) and Sylvia Lemus (two children; Carlos the son died in 1999 of hemophilia).

In 1954 he co-founded Revista Mexicana de Literatura. He is on the advisory board of New Perspectives Quarterly.

From 1975 to 1977, he was the Mexican ambassador to France and a member of the Communist Party.

In 1987 Fuentes won the Cervantes Prize. He is author of numerous books:

Los días enmascaradas (1954, short stories)
La región más transparente (1958, novel, Where the Air is Clear)
La muerte de Artemio Cruz (1962, novel,The Death of Artemio Cruz)
Cambio de piel (1967, novel, A Change of Skin)
Zona sagrada (1967)
Cumpleaños (1969)
La nueva novela hispanoamericana (1969)
El tuerto es rey (1971)
Diana o la cazadora solitaria (1972)
Terra Nostra (1975, novel)
The Hydra Head (1978)
Agua quemada (1981)
Orquídeas a la luz de la luna (1982)
Gringo viejo (1985, novel, The Old Gring)
Cristóbal Nonato (1987)
The Campaign (1990)
Ceremonias del alba (1991)
El naranjo (1993, The Orange Tree)
A New Time For Mexico (1994)
La frontera de cristal (1995)
Los años con Laura Díaz (1999)
En esto creo (2002)
Contra Bush (2004, Against George W. Bush)

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