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Manuel A. Paz-y-Miño (d/m/1961 - )

Paz-y-Mino, who was born in Lima, Peru, studied at the School of Human Medicine, San Marcos National University (UNMSM) 1978 - 1978, receiving his Bachelor's degree in 1990 and his Licenciate's degree in philosophy 1992.

When a teenager, he was a member of a biblical church but became an agnostic in his youth. His interests are in secular humanism and in the skeptical criticism of the pseudoscientifical, paranormal, and supernatural claims.

He worked as an ad-honorem teaching assistant (Department of Philosophy, UNMSM, 1989-90). Later he was teacher under contract of introductory courses (1990-96) at the same campus, then in Enrique Guzmán y Valle National University of Education (1995), César Vallejo University (1998) and Federico Villarreal National University (2000).

Lic. Paz-y-Miño is President of the Peruvian Journal of Applied Philosophy Publishing Association, and Director of the Peruvian Committee for the Investigation of Paranormal, Pseudocientific and Irrational Claims (CIPSI-PERU). He is a member of the Peruvian Areligious Movement (MPA), the Peruvian Philosophical Webring (RFP), the Peruvian Association of Bioethics (ASPEBIO), Student-Pugwash, and Atheists of Florida.

Also he is founding Editor of the following periodicals: Peruvian Journal of Applied Philosophy, Eupraxophia, Neo-Skepsis, Peruvian & Ibero-American Bioethics, Problems of Democracy & Politics, and a member of the editorial board of Mexican Ethical-Rationalist Association´s magazine Razonamientos and Argentinian Humanist-Ethical Association´s magazine El Desorden.

He has published several philosophical papers and has participated in national and international meetings as a speaker.

He is author of the following books:

Authoritarianism & Humanism According to Erich Fromm
Does God not Exist?
How to Enjoy Better Sex, Love and Marriage
LOGOS: The Great Questions of Man. An Introduction to Philosophy
ETHOS: Let´s Live Better! An Introduction to Life’s Problems

Also Lic. Paz-y-Miño has translated from English into Spanish the following books by Prof. Finngeir Hiorth:

Introduction to Atheism
Introduction to Humanism
Ethics for Atheists
Studying Religion

He was a participant in the 1996 Humanist World Congress held in Mexico City.

(See his website.)