Are you the air hockey fun? This is a perfect game which will keep boredom a distance away. Air hockey needs two players whom they will play against each other using the air hockey table without any friction. A puck is also required to meet all the game requirements. If you want to be the most competitive air
hockey player you have to do daily and all-time practice. Create a small space at your home where you will be able to install an air hockey table which will be easily accessible to you.

What is an air hockey table?

The two air hockey players with a puck won’t manage to enjoy the game without air hockey table which can be found in Air hockey table is an air hockey game equipment which has a smooth surface with no friction. Air hockey table has the surrounding rail on its surface which prevent the paddles and the pucks from escaping the table. There are slots on either end of the air hockey table that act as goals.

The types of air hockey table available are:

-Tabletop air hockey table.

-Standalone air hockey table.

-Multi-game table.

They come in various sizes to fit the space you have in your apartment.

Some features of the air hockey table.

Air hockey table will have a mechanical mechanism that creates a cushion of air below the table surface. the cushion air pass through small and tiny holes. They act to reduce friction and help the air hockey
players do their game with speed.

Some of the air hockey tables are made with plastics to save the maintenance and manufacturing cost.

The pucks that are used to play the air hockey game, some of them have the battery and fan which help in generation of the cushion. Air hockey pucks are made from Lexan polycarbonate resin.

The air hockey table is durable and whenever it is bought to assemble it is easy. Buyers guide is also available and thus you don’t need to worry about how you will start your game.

The cost of the air hockey table.

There are many brands and sizes of air hockey tables in this section we are going to discuss the prices. The cost of any air hockey table is very important. It will guide you to know the design you will buy, brand and also the model. You can only spend below $100 to get a perfect table for the game. To get the best, luxurious one and of high standards, you will spend up to $1000. Your budget will guide you to get what you are looking for since there is an air hockey table for everyone. The important thing is that you should not sacrifice the quality of the table over money. Get the best choice of the table at whichever cost. It will help you play your game for years without any inconveniences.

How to score in the air hockey game.

There are two methods of scoring in this game. The models available in the market currently allow electronic and manual slider. The cheaper hockey tables have sliding scorers that you will be sliding on the table surface as you track the points. With more high and air hockey tables, electronic scoreboards keep track of the score.

Source of power for air hockey table.

The table with electric scoreboards or blower needs the power source. For some of the air hockey table you will require batteries and for others, the electrical outlet will be necessary.

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