I didn’t know about the Philosopedia, and have just taken a look at it – a great idea!

-Sir Arthur C. Clarke, 5 September 2007

Note: As of 26 October 2015, Philosopedia which commenced as the 1,237-page book Who’s Who in Hell that became a free search engine that obtained 7,674,732 hits.

2005 – 2015

The present free research engine started in 2005. Philosopedia, which uses the MediaWiki engine, was originally hosted by humanist.net, now is under complete control by the author, Warren Allen Smith, with technical support by Peter Ross.

Meanwhile, Philosopedia’s success has resulted in our having had more than

112,244 content pages

The founder of Philosopedia has been Warren Allen Smith, the author of Who’s Who in Hell, a Handbook and International Directory for Humanists, Freethinkers, Naturalists, Rationalists, and Non-Theists (NY: Barricade Books, $125.00). When the books were all sold, Smith transferred the 1,237 printed pages as the first of the 4,850 Philosopedia content pages.

If you are able to read this, insert in the “search” rectangle to the left a name (e.g., Isaac Asimov) or a subject (e.g., rationalism), enter, and links in color will take you to new subjects.

Warren Allen Smith
March 2015